miércoles, 18 de octubre de 2017

domingo, 3 de septiembre de 2017

Llego Yesica y quiere atenderte

Yesica acaba de llegar a Panamá, es una jovencita de 19 años dispuesta a complacer a quien pueda pagar el precio de esta delicia.

Puede hacerte un rico oral y penetración en todas las poses para que disfrutes , al finalizar un rico masaje para relajarte todo al costo de $70 por una hora, Atiendo en push, si quieres domicilio o si estas residenciado en un hotel son $100 con los costos del taxi y preservativos.

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martes, 15 de agosto de 2017

The 5 de Mayo and the Colombian den

At the time of the Vietnam War, in the Plaza 5 de Mayo, at the beginning of the Avenida Central, now pedestrian, the members of the United States army waiting for the battle of the Asian country were cornered; A lack of facilities in the old bases and due to the fact that they were passing, tents were raised where they spent the night. This created a growing need among soldiers who were fed by women from a dozen nationalities, among Colombians, Venezuelans, Panamanians and Jamaicans among the most sought after. The revelries in the night bars in the neighborhood ended in the tents of these soldiers, between the canvas and canvas, making the public area the largest brothel in the country, and where the sex trade was consummated. Sometimes I did not even have to get out of the tents as the women approached the same ones directly to the United States with the Americans, sometimes without the money of the sale by the means.

At present there are no US bases, no soldiers traveling to other latitudes to combat totalitarian regimes. There are not even large nightclubs in the area, except for the Night Club of La Atlántida, the whole area is currently surrounded by bad bars and the Plaza, but it can not be kept within its perimeter. , The largest brothel in Panama, with more Colombians than La Mayor and La Bombonera put together.

It is the building that houses Dinastía Warehouse, old Bank of America in the 70's, and Almacén La Movida in the 80's. At its entrance is the Jewelery Muzzo, and seems to be but a tenement building, something that originates , But that has become, as it has been said in a brothel of four plants. Each floor houses at least 10 rooms and in each room we find unless three women, all Colombians, what the end of us take the calculation of almost a hundred Colombians inhabiting the building and dedicated to the sex trade within it. Of course, this is the margin of authorities who have turned a blind eye, taking bribes. Even so, these women say they receive visits from the Ministry of Health; In fact, many have health notebooks because they work in nightclubs near the area, as well as several that go to places such as Uruguay Street or Via Venetto, although by the most recent Migration operations, have been maintained Confined within the property, trying not to exceed the limit of legality.

Each room is divided into cubicles, separated and sea by semiconcrete (Gypsum) or by curtains where women access with their clients. Each time fifteen dollars and not always limited by time. Several rooms including drinks and a pleasant atmosphere, so it has become quite popular among Panamanians and begins a comment on foreigners, travelers from a nearby hotel. The women are shown in light clothes outside the room inviting men to pass. This place is open from 7 in the morning and closes its doors at 8 pm, and women who do not reside in the building are evacuated by a back door that faces the side of the Legislative Park. It is not the most striking thing in the world, in fact, it seems that they lived crowded, but their number and the consistency of the property makes of this place the biggest brothel of Panama.

lunes, 31 de julio de 2017

Desmantelada Red que Obligaba a Chicas a Prostituirse

Les ofrecían empleo y un paquete que consiste en pago de ticket aéreo, hotel, comida, y $3 mil 800 en cash para cubrir sus emergencias mientras las colocaban en el mercado de trabajo panameño.

Pero al llegar a Panamá la verdad era otra: a las chicas, procedentes de Venezuela y
Colombia, se les despojaba de sus pasaportes y eran obligadas a trabajar de putas hasta pagar la deuda de $3 mil 800. Si no lo hacían, sus familias en sus países estarían en grave peligro.

Por cada cliente solo recibían $10, por lo que la deuda no podía pagarse nunca, según contó una
de las víctimas al Ministerio Público tras lograr fugarse de la residencia en que las tenían
bajo fuertes medidas de seguridad. Cerca de cinco mujeres de Venezuela y Colombia fueron rescatadas; todas eran coaccionadas para ofrecer servicios sexuales en La Bocatoreña, un prostíbulo que opera en el Terraplén, en la ciudad.

Las autoridades le dieron 15 años de prisión a dos brasileños y una venezolana por el delito de trata de personas con fines de explotación sexual. Fueron señalados como parte de una red que traficaba con seres humanos.

martes, 25 de julio de 2017

High Class Putas or Yeye Whores

If you are one of those people who likes the good and pays what it takes to get it, in Panama there are also a couple of interesting options, Le Palace Night Club and El Club Elite.

First, you must have about $ 400 to aspire to get a good sex in a place like that, that's not what the girl charges, but in these clubs the ticket has to be paid, then take something and enjoy the Show maybe Pay the taxi driver something extra to take you, the gratuity of the innkeeper, etc. The truth is that if you go to a place of those you can not be mean.

The two clubs are very close between Calle 50 and Via España, the entrance costs about $ 30 and sometimes includes an all you can drink, of course there one does not seek to drink too much that makes that $ 30 never justified, the entrance to the premises is Well discreet since it has a wall in front of the entrance to make it difficult to see from the street, which if you are a tourist you do not care much but as it is also frequented by the high society of Panama, it charges a little more sense, inside you will find the most luxurious putero Of the country with live shows in the "pool dancing" and with the most spectacular girls of the country, all styles and all colors, there is no waste there are legends of ladies who have convertibles and waste money in the malls, Certain is that you will not see the phenomenon that is observed in all other clubs where you get horrible or fat whores, here the material is carefully selected, that is why the dust with a girl of those you are going to Cost $ 300 or more.

There are definitely people who are not able to enter Puteaderos like La Mayor or La Gruta Azul as the appearance is quite ugly and they only dare to enter this type of sites (if they have the resources) that offer quality and luxury for a certain sum of money, the quality is paid, in Panama it is said yeyesada when you can give a taste of this type and yeye the person, so if you are a yeyé and you like whores for you there are also options in this country.

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