jueves, 20 de julio de 2017

At the gates of the new Underworld

It was a special night. I had to find a friend in a hotel by the banking area, after a long time without landing in Panama and after having traveled several nations of the European Mediterranean. He had the luck to study and to pass, to see the world, surely there were many things that he had to tell me.

After the salutations of rigor, remembrances and elucubraciones, our minds tuned the same thought: something had to be done tonight. After visiting the Venetto casino and see the many women who meet in this place I thought to visit with my friend the sites adjacent to this casino, but this one had other ideas in mind. I must admit that his proposal surprised me somewhat.
He told me that since he studied, he was always told about the "Market", he had always heard black and white legends of this place, for him it must have been a sort of ancient lupanar, as in Ancient Rome, where women were exhibited without any objection And modesty in the corridors, where men of every social stratum fornicated in the sight of all and where there must be women of all origins. All this unknown world fascinated him almost obsessively and otherwise he had already visited several massage rooms and although he was satisfied, maybe he did not have that taste that he sought.

We arrived by taxi at the end of the Cinta Costera, in front of a rather bright bar called La Habana Club, surprising me somewhat. We managed to visualize the objective: some old houses hiding that world of wildness and lust, were the doors of a new underworld that we were about to enter.
We entered the first available door, it was a tall wooden door. The first sensation is that of darkness, and once our eyes became accustomed to such a state we looked for a place to sit and we got it close to the bar, right in front of the jukebox (traganíquel, common in this type of cantinas) That at that moment it touched a vallenato called You are the Queen, of a certain Diomedes Diaz. We asked for an average of Ron Abuelo and we decided to enjoy the panorama: women everywhere, in all colors and sizes, from the smallest to the most exuberant, natural, artificial breasts, exaggeratedly large or disturbingly sensual, all framed by minimal Clothes that left very little, almost nothing, to the imagination. A little girl named Claudia began to flirt with my friend (who stood out with his white complexion in the place) prompting him to fornicate in one of the rooms that were on the top floor of the place. Several minutes passed and the transaction did not materialize, my friend just looked at me and gave me a negative look.
We knew that the place was called La Interiorana that possibly had decades of existence; There were women of sculptural bodies, worthy of any first class massage room, and at the same time there were women whose ages we could date between 40 and 55 years. Someone told us that you could find women who were already there when the Americans left the Isthmus, whose "careers" could be about 15 years.
We found a girl named Sandra, curly hair, beautiful breasts and a gorgeous tail, sat with us in exchange for a beer, whose value to them is B /. 2.50, he told us that he was barranquillera, who had arrived weeks (this almost always turns out to be false) and that his services in the rooms were B /. 15.00 (includes room, two condoms and 15 minutes of action); To invite another beer revealed that girls also provide their services outside the premises, just requesting the cell phone number, costs range from B / .40.00 to B / .150.00 depending on the value given by the girl, of course, Directly proportional to their physical and "abilities". Of course this price does not include the hotel, pension, push-bottom.
We understood then the mechanics of the game: what for the plebs was a place where to take without care, for the observer was actually a center of bonding, of hooking, access to a better deal and better service. Everyone looks at it as they wish.
We left very satisfied of the place, taking a taxi, quite abundant in the area, as well as the Presidential Police that round the area, the taxi took us back to the banking area, where after arriving at the hotel lobby, I left my friend with A smile on his lips, in his first and last experience in the Underworld, or so I thought then ...

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