domingo, 16 de julio de 2017

Why Las Putas en Panama? (Whores in Panama)

Panama is a well-known destination for business tourism and shopping, hotels do not give in the number of executives who come to conventions, close deals or buy real estate, mostly men and almost always alone.

It is clear that very few people come to Panama for their beaches, landscapes or adventure, Panama is a financial center with a very dynamic real estate market and the dollar circulates as national currency, this attracts a lot of businessmen and turn to the Putas That are dedicated to entertain them.

The first thing to know is that the Putas in Panama are not Panamanian, they are mostly Colombian and recently Venezuelan, which makes them more palatable since they are very nice, have good body, are well arranged, many are They operate the tits and buttocks and love pulling, you can say they do it with pleasure but they charge. On the other hand, there is no doubt that the Panamanians are for the most part, they do not make-up, they do not wear tiny thongs, they almost do not have smooth hair and they are also hateful, so if you come a treatment of falling in love with a Panamanian you will To be very lucky.

Another piece of information that I must give and maybe you do not believe it until you live it, if you see in the street an attractive woman, that attracts attention and is dressed provocatively, with a 90% security is a whore, come and listen to her voice, that particular and provocative accent of the sisters of the Republic of Colombia. Is that in Panama there are whores everywhere and you as an unsuspecting tourist many times you do not realize, if you are in a family restaurant and come a couple of cute girls turns quickly and looks for a fat at the bar with the face of gánster, He asked the innkeeper to get him for scorts, if you go to a mall and you see two girls in a tight sporty monkey that you notice the thong or the absence of underwear, there are whores.

There is nothing easier in Panama than getting a whore, so I do not recommend that you look for whores online and yet a very good page this country is extremely behind in online services, so go to the Street, There are all kinds of "puteros", for Panamanian it is normal to live with them, if you ride a taxi and ask you to take you to where the bad girls will do a tour, almost all perceive commission for Bringing lustful tourists to this Type of establishments, but do not fall into the trap, my recommendation is that if you really want to know the country there is a simpler and cheaper method.

There are all kinds of places, from the conventional ones where you will see the nudes and if you like some girl paid for the dust or for a period of time, to the places where you dance with them like a normal disco and you feel that you fall in love, Depending on your budget it is practically impossible to spend the night without having sex with any.

Panama remains a relatively safe country, so you can get to the popular sites without danger, there are places where you can get a fuck for $ 30for foreigners and up to $ 12 for Panamanians, that if you do not pretend to be Panamanian , They will not believe you, in addition to the Putas does not like the Panamanians, avoid them, so if you like some rises with it and do not think, the cheapest The best known place is "The Mayor" that is in the Casco Antiguo, but do not enter by mistake in the sites that are next door, you only get panamanian horrendous, there is also "El Capri" ( which is the same style but a little more expensive, in the two They charge the entrance but quiet only $ 4 consumables, plus the guaro (alcoholic drinks) is good value compared to other places.

More ahead it follows with this route by the known puteros and by the best ways to get a good dust in Panama.

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